Brgy. Campamento, Municipality of Diffun
Province of Quirino


Brgy. Campamento, Municipality of Diffun
Province of Quirino


At the Western outskirts of the municipality of Diffun lies Barangay Campamento. With an area covering approximately 5,000 hectares, it comprises six Purok that include sitios Anonang, Duminatlo, Guingat , and Pamungyen. An agriculture barangay, it mains products are rice, corn, and vegetable, with a recent major crop addition of cassava.

Campamento was once a thickly forested cluster mountain abundant in wild games and edible vegetation. Tradition has it that area was first explored by a pair of daring an adventurous hunter Sabino Soliven Celestino Mena.

Enraptured by the abundance of food in the area, and    discovering that everywhere soil was fertile and suitable for agriculture, the two took their families to settle in the place.

As soon as the two families were comfortably settled there, they invited friends and relatives to also come traible their livelihood in the area.

It appears, however, that those who came to the place merely built temporary shelter. They considered their dwelling as a camp, it means that you have not totally abandoned, with intention of returning to it in the future or at least accasionally.

This apparently is the reason why called their settlement in these mountains as a Campamento (Spanish word For Camp).

Luis Soliven the longest serving barangay leader of the place recalls that Campamento used to be mere sitio of Brgy. Ramon Magsaysay. During the term of Mayor Silverio Pascua, Sr., the people submitted a petition to constitute the place into a barangay. The petition was granted; and on July 14, 1950 the place became a full-fledged barangay bearing the official name Campamento.

The succession of leadership at barangay Campamento is as follow; Crisanto Mena (1968-71); Gavino Blas (1971-78); Teresa T. Espirito as OIC (1978-79); Crisanto Mena (1979-81); Abesuduenio Ajedo, Sr. (1982-88_; and the longest serving barangay leader Luis R. Soliven (1988-2007).


At the present the term barangay Captain of Campamento is Hon. Litpo B. Lidyang, the able leader of conglomeration of ethnic group in the place Ilocanis, Visaya, Igorots, Tagalogs, and Ifugaos. This diversity in ethnicity notwithstanding, the community lives in related peace and progress.

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